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Thank you to everyone who spent the day with us at Multilingualism and Language Empowerment: A Response to Inequality!

We had a great turnout and enjoyed some lively and important conversations between researchers and educators from across the city. Throughout the day, 27 researchers, educators, curriculum developers, and other specialists shared their innovations and research. The symposium’s 102 attendees came from 13 different CUNY campuses and 10 institutions outside of CUNY, including 8 representatives from the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).

Video recordings of the symposium are available here:

Multilingualism and Language Empowerment: A Response to Inequality  will be held in the Skylight Conference Room at The Graduate Center, City University of New York on September 23, 2016.

Language and language choices play a significant yet often unacknowledged role in fostering inequality. This is most evident in the spheres of education, the workplace and public health, where insufficient services in “minority” languages result in disparities and lack of opportunities for speakers of those languages.

This symposium highlights the value and relevance of language and literacy projects conducted at the Graduate Center to New York’s multilingual population. Presentations throughout the day will focus on the education of immigrant students and speakers of minority languages, and will present the value and relevance of multilingualism and multilingual approaches as an effective way to combat inequality of access.

We hope you’ll join us to hear the latest research on the relationship between the maintenance or acquisition of languages and increasing equality of opportunity for speakers of minority and underrepresented languages.